Your broadband or internet connection needs a router, so you can connect multiple devices to your network. Most importantly, you need an IP address for your router to configure its settings and secure your network. is the default IP address for almost every router available around the world. It is like a gateway or an access point for tweaking the settings of your Wi-Fi router.

There’s a lot more to than being just the IP address for routers. Here’s your complete guide on router configuration.

What is Your Router’s Default IP Address Explained

By default, the IP address is assigned to all routers – most identified with LinkSys routers. You can open the a web page when you type this IP address on your browser’s address bar and hit the Enter key.

This web page contains all the settings and data for your Wi-Fi router. You can make changes, set preferences, monitor traffic and even reset the whole router from this page.

Basically, the address lets you access the router completely. In some routers, this address may vary slightly –, and so on.

How to Login to Your Router using

You’d use the IP address for many purposes. Most commonly, the address helps users change the default username and password of your router.

You can login to and change the password of your router. It makes your internet connection more secure.

The changed password automatically disconnects all devices, so only the users with access to new password can connect their devices to your router.

Follow the steps below to login to your router via IP address –

  1. Power on your router
  2. Turn on your PC and enable its Wi-Fi connectivity
  3. A new router automatically connects to your PC
  4. Now, open a browser app – preferably Google Chrome
  5. Type “” in the address bar

C:\Users\IPOAdmin\Desktop\2019-01-14 16_22_48- - 192.168.l.l Router Admin Login Password Default Guide.png

6. Press the Enter key

7. If a login prompt shows up, type “admin” in both – username and password – fields

Now, what you see on your browser is a webpage that shows your router’s settings. Usually, you’d see a control menu that contains multiple options and respective sub-menus.

Each router is configured under different formats. So, to change the password or username of your router, you should probably go to “internet security” menu on this page. Here, you can change the password (WPS-Key) and the username.

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