The IP address belongs to the block of 24-bit IP address which is used to set up Local Area Networks (LANs). You cannot route this IP address via internet like public IP address. By most router manufacturers it is used as a default IP address on client devices or any other network hardware. 10.0.0.x series is used in business computer networks whereas, in the home computer networks 192.168.0.x series is generally seen.

How to connect to a router with IP address?

Cisco and Xfinity brand routers are few of those router brands that use as their default IP address.

Connecting to a router with IP address is simple. You just need to follow the below steps.

Step 1: Open a web browser and type in the address bar and hit Enter.

How to connect to a router with IP address?

Step 2: On the admin page type the username and password and hit Enter.

Note: If you do not know your login credentials, check the rear or reverse of the router. In certain cases the username and password is printed on the label. This can only work if you have not changed the username and password previously.

Since is a considered to be a private IP address you will not be able to access it over the internet. The local connection from behind the router is the only possible way to login.

Unable to connect to

Now, as we know is a private IP address, there might be a chance that you will either not be allowed to login or there might be certain error while you are trying to access the router. Below are a few reasons

If there is no direct connection – If you do not have a PC directly connected to the router, you might have an issue. To access IP address connect your router to a PC via an Ethernet cable.

Incorrect IP address – There have been cases where you might be entering an incorrect IP address like or something else. Just to remember, all IPv4 IP has only 4 numbers. If you have changed the default IP address and you don’t remember it, try hard-resetting the router. This would bring back the router to its factory settings.

Incorrect login credentials – You might not be able to login if you are not entering the correct username and password. In most routers the username and password is printed on the label on the reverse side. In case you do not remember the credentials, try to restore the router to factory settings.

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